Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun stuff for OCD

I obsess about everything, so naturally when I found out I was pregnant/had children, it gave me a whole new list of stuff to freak myself out about: breast or bottle, vaccinations, schooling..and clothes. LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY CLOTHES. I was super excited to have girls because now I have my very own living dollies I can stuff into princess dresses! The coolest thing I found? Cloth diapers! I loved having diapers that matched my kids' outfits (because yes, I am that crazy). Another plus was that both my children had super sensitive skin, and regular diapers made it look like somebody had been putting cigarettes out on them. A win/win, if you ask me. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

I wanted to show you guys some cool stuff today: longies and shorties. These are wool pants that you put over a fitted cloth diaper so...well...pee doesn't go everywhere. Most of my oldest daughter's longies (long wool pants) came from Mizzy. Check her out, she does beautiful work!


Her stuff even looks good in my patented shitty cell pictures

Baby K inspecting her shorts. She approved.

Snoozing in cargos WITH SHEEP POCKETS! These were my favorites of all time.

My friend Aimee also makes really badass yarn:

http://www.hyenacart.com/BigBadVoodooMama/ be careful, hyenacart is like crack. Only Esty has been worse.

A lot of knitters will do customs if you send them your yarn, or you can knit them yourself from a pattern. I suck at knitting and after attempting to learn a few times, getting aggravated and throwing a fit, I said "fuck this" and just bought yarn and sent it out or bought ready made products.

I am pretty bummed out that I don't have any more babies because I miss shopping for new diaper stuff.

Cloth diapering was like an illness, but such a fun illness. Joining different cloth diaper forums also allowed me the chance to make a ton of new friends and interact with other moms since being a stay at home mother was pretty lonely. It was overall a very positive experience and I'd do it again in a second.

I mean seriously, how cute is this butt?

It made changing diapers slightly less craptastic.

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  1. Evan had the same bouncer and the same kitty shirt. (We thought he was a girl..)